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Turkey's apartment prices continue to rise

In Turkey, a record increase in prices for the sale and rental of real estate. In April, the value of real estate increased by 147%, and the cost of rent by 120% on average in Turkey, on an annualized basis. In April, the average cost of one square meter of real estate in the country was 8.252 liras, the average cost of real estate - 1 million 114 thousand 20 Turkish liras.

New conditions for obtaining citizenship in Turkey

Exactly one month ago, on April 12, 2022, the Turkish press published news about the forthcoming changes to the “Regulation on the Application of the Turkish Citizenship Law”. On May 13, the Turkish government gazette Resmi Gazete came out with a list of changes signed by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. As previously announced, the Turkish authorities have increased the threshold for obtaining citizenship when investing or acquiring real estate from 250 to 400 thousand dollars.

The best place for apartment

City Alanya (Turkey) Alanya is a city in southwestern Turkey, a seaport and a popular resort. Located on the Mediterranean coast, 138 km from Antalya. Alanya is an ancient city, which is one of the best-preserved Seljuk cities, has many ancient monuments and natural attractions. This is one of the most popular holiday destinations on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey, known for its excellent sandy beaches and clear warm sea.